PHP 7.2.2

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PHP interpreter under Windows.

if you are a web developer, or have decided to try your hand at developing your own website, then you will need the help of a range of tools, and this PHP 5.5 is one of them. PHP 5.5 is the latest version of the popular scripting language. PHP is a general purpose programming language, fast and flexible, and can be found in the programming code of almost all blogs and websites found on the Internet. Thanks to this program you can install the PHP interpreter under Windows. For those that have another web server installed it includes a configuration manual.

The PHP is normally mixed in a website development code with HTML, or it can be used with frameworks and templating engines. The PHP interpreter allows the PHP code to be processed and implemented into a web server. It can also be used in graphical applications and has a command line interface option.

PHP 5.5 has loads of functions (numbering their hundreds so we won't be mentioning them all here!) and loads more using various extensions. Then, if you are a web developer, and as this is an open source project, you can even define your own additional functions at any time (remembering that all functions require parenthesis)..

NOTE: PHP 5.5 is the latest version, although PHP 5.6 is currently under development. See the author's website for more details.


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